The development of our software from the ground up and the standards we follow produces a superior product.

LandNAV is powered by Microsoft’s .Net framework providing scalability and performance behind all of our software solutions we offer.


LandNAV is built on a solid foundation using the latest technologies and tools.


LandNAV has a consistent style and design with the future scalablility in mind.


LandNAV has 24/7 customer support phone, email and interactively online.


LandNAV provides an automated service to schedule software and database updates.


LandNAV maintains and updates core functionalities in accordance with legislative reporting requirements.

About Us

“to provide integrated land records management software and services that enable our customers the ability to offer the highest level of service to the public.”

History of GCS Software, Inc.

Our company was formed in 1983 based on a vision to provide superior products and services using a well-built foundation of knowledge and experience. All successful businesses start with a vision to provide superior products and services, but that vision can only be realized with a well-built foundation of knowledge and experience. GCS Software has a proven record of success that has allowed it to become an industry leader in land records management solutions with LandNav. The background of our founding individuals, in all aspects of county and municipal government has been and is fundamental to the development of GCS Software’s highly regarded, integrated LandNav suite of land records software.

Dedicated Professionals & Our Mission

It takes more than a solid foundation to build and grow a business like GCS Software. It takes a dedicated team of professionals working to provide the very best products and services possible. Our staff prides itself on meeting GCS Software’s fundamental mission: “to provide integrated land records management software and services that enable our customers the ability to offer the highest level of service to the public.” While our mission has remained unchanged for three decades, our software has evolved considerably. From changing technologies to changing needs, one thing has remained constant; our customers have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the ease and power offered by GCS Software’s integrated LandNav suite of software applications for land records management.

Historical Growth

GCS Software’s ability to meet change has been demonstrated many times over the past thirty years. From our first installations on IBM mini-computers to today’s powerful Windows Servers and workstations using SQL database, our software has been on the leading edge of innovation. From installing our software and converting data for a new customer on Christmas Day to meeting last second Department of Revenue mandates, our staff prides itself on providing timely solutions that allow customers to get their work done right and on time.

Our Vision

It is our vision, expertise, dedication and professionalism that allowed GCS Software to develop a LandNav Suite that is currently installed in more than one-third of the counties and their municipalities. It has led us to include among our family of customers two of the largest in the State of Wisconsin: Dane County and Milwaukee County. It allowed GCS Software customers to calculate and collect taxes for more than one million taxable parcels last year. Our vision, expertise, dedication and professionalism to our customers will mean GCS Software is a company you can count on for years to come. A lot of things have changed since 1983. The continuing evolution of our land records management software and services have made us the leader in land records management. We have done so because the core ingredients to our success have remained unchanged. Our vision, experience, expertise and dedication ensure that we will meet the needs of our customers today and in the future.

Our Team

The GCS Software team is comprised of highly skilled and adaptable individuals passionate about providing outstanding software and support for their customers. We also have part-time employees and partnerships established with several other Wisconsin firms to offer a broad scope of expertise on many of the emerging technologies we use in the development of new features and integrations with our products.
Here are a few of our software professionals that make GCS a cut above the rest:
Terry Denney
President & CEO
Chris Hawkinson
Project Manager
Doug Brown
Technical Support Agent
Jonathan Paudler
Technical Support Agent
Cheryl Zingler
Programmer / Analyst
Clinton Bast
Programmer / Analyst
Joel Sebranek
Programmer / Analyst
Programmer / Analyst

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