Software Update – Property Tax Billing


Within the 2015-2017 budget (2015 Wisconsin Act 55), the state created Wis. Stats. sec. 74.09(3)(db), requiring the following items be displayed on Wisconsin property tax bills for each County, Municipality, School District and Technical College that has a temporary increase in tax levy approved by referendum or resolution (for Towns with a population under 3,000):

  • Total amount of temporary increase
  • Total amount of increase applied to the property
  • Year increase ends

The “total amount of temporary increase” and “year increase ends” will be provided to the Municipality by each taxing jurisdiction.

The “total amount of increase applied to the property” should be calculated:

  1. Divide the “total amount of temporary increase” by the Municipality’s Total Assessed Value (including Manufacturing) to calculate a rate
  2. Apply that rate to the Assessed Value of the Real Estate or Personal Property for each tax bill