Special Assessments

Special Assessments

Key Features of the Special Assessments Module

Accounting for improvements made to properties can be effortlessly performed with LandNAV software.

Project data and the materials used serve as the basis from which the special assessments are calculated. Multiple special assessments are allowed for each account providing a list of materials charged and payments made to each special assessment.

Product Description

  • Easy access to accounts by account number, owner name, or property address.
  • After an access path is indicated, account number, and owner name or property address from the records are displayed in a list from which a specific account record can be selected.
  • Once a specific account record is selected, an immediate list of special assessments for that account is displayed, from which a specific special assessment can be selected.
  • Automatic calculation of the installment schedule is performed from the information on the job record and the amount of the materials used on that property.
  • Any pre-paid amount can be optionally reflected in the installment schedule.
  • A list of units (materials used) can be displayed for each special, with the abilities to change material, add new material, or remove materials used for that special.
  • A final billing can be generated upon completion of a job requiring the signature of the property owner and payment preferences.
  • Installment amounts currently due can be quickly calculated at the end of the year for automatic payment posting on the account and placement on the tax bill.
  • A job billing summary can be printed at any time reflecting the actual costs billed out and collected.