Property Tax Collection

Property Tax Collection

Key Features of the Property Tax Collections Module

Give your Treasurer an easy approach in controlling and monitoring the monies throughout the property tax collection cycle.

Various management reports are provided with the ability to maintain the tax data and payments in an on-line environment.

Product Description

  • Access to parcel data by computer number, owner name, parcel number or property address.
  • After an access path is indicated, computer number and owner name from the records are displayed in a list from which a specific record can be selected.
  • Unpaid parcels are highlighted in the list for easy identification.
  • Total valuation for land, improvements, and the ratio and fair market value are maintained on each record for the current and prior years.
  • Ability to store changes for a name, address in memory and apply to any parcel by the touch of a function key.
  • On-line entry of tax payments for current and prior years with automatic interest calculation and generation of receipts.
  • Name and address can easily be changed before the receipt is issued.
  • View the tax calculation detail and total due and paid from the receipting program and also the complete legal description.
  • Print reminder notices for postponed and or delinquent taxes at any time with the interest or penalty calculated for the month of the notice.
  • Print tax roll with amounts due or with the amount paid and last four payments applied.
  • Print summary report by taxing body to aid in determining payments to school districts and completing the settlement process.
  • Print daily report of receipts issued by cashier with the daily totals.
  • Print payments by date or computer number from the history file at any time to verify payments made.