Document Indexing

Document Indexing

Key Features of the Document Indexing Module


Streamline the recording process for your Register of Deeds office.


Maintaining a complete list of names and properties or collateral for each document is basic to this package. Document charging methods, along with “return and bill to” addresses are maintained in control files to reduce input keystrokes. Monthly billing for unpaid accounts is also available in this package.

Product Description

  • Documents can be accessed by document number, type and date, volume and page, name, and tract information.
  • Documents are displayed in a list and ordered according to the access selected for easy retrieval.
  • Once a specific document record is selected, a list of all the names and properties or collateral associated with the document is available.
  • Monthly account statements for all unpaid fees and a fee payment journal can be printed in offices that desire the ability to allow open accounts.
  • Copy names or property information from an existing document to a new document.
  • Print a new index for a time period by week, month, or for one or multiple years.
  • An index can be printed for any period desired for an easy cross reference to the associated documents, names, and property or collateral descriptions.
  • The tract index lists all documents for each section, town and range including quarter-quarter, subdivisions including lots and blocks, and government lots with certified survey maps for each lot.
  • Mailing labels can be printed to return the original materials used in the recording of the document.
  • Optional interface to imaging (Electronic document storage and retrieval).