Cash Receipting

Cash Receipting

Key Features of the Cash Receipting Module


The Cash Receipting System is designed to manage the collection and recording of moneys for all departments within your organization.

Exceptional flexibility is offered in the selection income categories and subsidiary accounts, function key assignments, printers and data folders, and bar code readers.

In addition, the software incorporates detailed information from real estate and personal property tax bills, document recordings, licenses, citations, etc for immediate payment validation.

Product Description

  • Uncomplicated presentation of screen information.
  • Display any report on the screen at any time in the receipting process.
  • Handles multiple payment types per transaction.
  • Fully menu driven with “pop-up” windows for instructions, warnings, and general information.
  • Cashiers can request drawer totals at any time.
  • A complete historical audit trail is maintained.
  • A complete transaction history for any time period can be requested.
  • Automatic validation of invoices and endorsement of checks.
  • Check deposit list, department payment detail, and many other reports are available to assist in the collection process.
  • Capability to serve as a collection point for other billing software.
  • Validate documents and endorse checks with transaction information.
  • Breakdown of category and account totals for end of day report.
  • Users may define:
    -colors and alerts
    -categories to be accessed
    -account numbers & descriptions
    -function key assignments
    -printer and disk configurations